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“Hipsturbia” or Suburban Downtowns?

Why suburban downtowns are the real “hipsturbias”

PWC’s Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2020 report named “hipsturbia” one of their top emerging trends of 2020. As millennials settle down, have kids, and look for cheaper houses and good schools, they’re migrating out to the suburbs and creating a different type of live-work-play district that some developers are calling “hipsturbia.”

“Hipsturbia” vs. suburban downtown real estate

In the Atlanta region, Avalon and Decatur are often cited as the best examples of “hipsturbia.” However, it’s suburban downtowns like Woodstock, Alpharetta, Roswell, Duluth and others that are the real “hipsturbia’s.”

Why? These suburban Atlanta downtowns have booming music and art scenes, plenty of entertainment and dining options, and generational real estate with grit complimented by new development. In addition, these suburban downtowns have both a detached and attached single-family element as well as multifamily rentals – all walkable!

This trend may have started in Brooklyn, NY, but it’s suburban Atlanta downtowns like Woodstock, Alpharetta, and Duluth that have perfected the blend of amenities, housing, and good schools over the past decade to create the true “hipsturbias.” Next in line for “hipsturbia” mixed-use development are cities such as Kennesaw and Cartersville.

Suburban downtowns are the best of both worlds

More and more millennials tell me that they would rather live in the suburban downtowns, near where they grew up in, rather than living in Midtown or West Midtown. When I ask why – they say it’s the charm of living in a small town … but mostly the inferior school quality in town.

Smaller communities can have the same attractions as the big city. And, in northwest Atlanta, we have the new Northwest Corridor Express Lanes if millennials must commute to keep their jobs inside the perimeter. It’s the best of both worlds, right here in the Atlanta suburbs.

PWC can call it “hipsturbia,” but we call it “suburban downtowns.” We have been working right in the heart of these developing communities now for over decade and love it. If you want to learn more about “suburban downtowns” and development opportunities, let’s get coffee in the coffee shop where my Woodstock office is located – and, yes, we can still call it “hipsturbia” if you want.

Larry Singleton is the President of Singleton Real Estate, LLC,  specializing in suburban downtowns (aka hipsturbia).

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